About us

We are a private Czech company, which is engaged in the complex use of renewable energy sources since 1996. We supply technology for processing biomass (sawdust, wood chips, logs, peat, corn, sunflower, straw and other power plants) into pellets. We sell pellets intended for central heating as well as local sources of heating homes.

Our history

2015 - Production of small-scale pellet lines

Small-scale pellet line PELLETIA ML 200

Based on numerous requests from regional agricultural and wood processing plants, we have developed small-scale pellet line with capacity of 200 kg / hour. This type of pellet line is not demanding for the operator and production area. The line is affordable for small businesses.

2004 – Production of boilers

Boiler PELLETIA Ling 25

In 2004, we launched an automatic pellet boiler in several power ranges to provide a complete range of products to our customers.

2003 – Sale of pellets


By selling technology lines we have established a network of pellet suppliers. The technical supervision of these plants has brought us an experience for further development.

1998 – Production of pellet lines

Pellet line

Since 1998, we have been focusing on the development of pelleting lines. The main reason was to replace seasonal briquettes with a year-round fuel with a wider range of uses. Gradually, we increased the capacity of pelletizing lines and modernized individual production sections to fully automate the whole technology.

1997 – Repair of machinery


Most often we used refurbished equipment from the original technologies - mill machines. However, demand for new plants has begun to prevail on the market and we have started our own production.

1996 - Production of briquettes

Production plant

The history of our business began in 1996 by producing briquettes with a diameter of 90 mm. Later we decided to use the newly acquired experience with the operation of our own briquetting line for the development and subsequent production of technological units.