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The automatic pellet-fuelled hot water boiler PELLETIA-LING 25 is intended for hot water heating of family houses and similar buildings with a heat loss of 15 - 25 kW with a level of comfort similar to that as with gas systems. The fuel used for this boiler is pellets made from wood matter or other biomass. The fuel is automatically transported by means of spiral dosing equipment from the container, which is included in the delivery of the boiler, to the boiler burner, in relation to the operating mode and the operational parameters set. This optimises fuel consumption to the amount required for coverage of immediate temperature losses. The processor regulator with its analogue temperature sensor allows you to set the boiler temperature, setting of the fuel delivery mode, setting of attenuation mode and other functions. This also includes an output for a room thermostat. The boiler body is made of steel sheeting, the burner is of cast-iron construction and a ceramic catalyser is installed above the burner, which minimises emissions. The whole construction displays a high level of efficiency as well as ecological and economical operation.

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The automatic pellet-fuelled boiler has following advantages:

  • automatic boiler operation with the possibility of control by means of a room thermostat
  • fuel delivery from the built-in feeder, which ensures sufficient fuel reserves
  • high boiler efficiency
  • simple operation with no great demands on time
  • low operational costs
  • ecological operation
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Stoves PELLETIA - PETRA are ideal heater for cottages, apartments and houses or additional heating device in buildings heated by electricity or gas - the installation leads to significant savings in heating costs. Wood, briquettes and pellets with diameter 8mm can be used as fuel. They have a large volume of stoking area and ashtray. The massive ceramic lining is characterized by low fuel consumption and have high combustion efficiency, which guarantees the minimum fuel consumption. In semi-automatic running pellets last up to 5 days without operator (to empty the hopper). Heating exchanger ensures comfortable heating even other rooms than those in which the stove is located. In the back of the stove are connecting screws on circulating pump for radiators, STL, temperature sensor and re-cooling water circuit in case of power failure (overheating - stoves are equipped with cooling loop)

Pelletia Petra

Pellet burner comprises:

  • motor with gearbox 80 W
  • ventilator 8 W
  • electronic regulation
  • hopper