We delivered a small capacity pellet line with output of 200 kg / hour with an extension for pellet packaging.


We have granted our exclusive right to mediate the sale of our products in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Mr. Martin Dráb, Opcija Internet d.o.o.


We have expanded the ML200 offer of additional equipment most commonly demanded by customers - raw material intake and packaging of finished pellets.


We delivered a cooling device with output of 2 t / hr. for the leading Czech manufacturer of terraces.


Through our sales representative for Ukraine «УК» we took part in the exhibition "Wood Processing" in Lviv, Ukraine.


A pelleting line with output of 500 kg / hour was installed in Lviv through a business partner in Ukraine.


Delivery of small-scale pellet line 200 kg / hour to the Moravian-Silesian region.


Through our sales representative for Ukraine «УК» we took part in the exhibition "Lesdrevmash 2017" in Kiev. We presented the production of a small-scale pellet line.


We are introducing a mobile saw for longitudinal cutting.


Exports of technological line line for pellet production to Ukraine. With contractual performance of 500 kg / hr.


Exports of small-scale pellet line to Ukraine. With contractual performance of 200 kg / hr.


We have launched a new upgraded version of our website.


We have begun the development of small-scale technological lines including drying wood material. Our intention is price and capacity availability for small woodworking and carpentry shops.


Through our dealership for Ukraine «УК», we participated in international exhibition Lisderevmash 2014 in Kiev. At the exhibition we introduced boiler PELLETIA Ling and presented technological lines for the production of biomass into pellets.


We have launched e-shop with pet supplies to support the sale of our litter - wood pellets.


We have prepared a convenient summer discount on fuel pellets with a diameter of 6 mm from sunflower husk (3600 CZK/t + 21% VAT).


Export of technological line for pellet production with an output of 7t/h in Ukraine. Assembly of technology will follow completion of production hall.


We started selling pellets from sunflower husks in 15 kg bags. On request can also be supplied in packs of 1 ton big bag. The capacity of the truck donations is set at 22 t.