Pellet Cooler

Pellet Cooler</

Cooler is a device designed to cool hot pellets from a pellett press. The warm pellets are dosed into the cooler through the top lid. Via the rotary feeder, the pellets enter the radiator and accumulate in the cabinet on a solid grate. Cold air flows continuously from the bottom of the cabinet through a layer of pellets. Air is sucked through the grate into the drain at the top of the cooler. This causes the pellets to cool. The cooler is equipped with a variable grid controlled by a compressor for cooling pellets of different diameters. After filling the sensor on top of the cooler grate cyclically opens in the lower part and the cooled pellets are gradually discharged into the hopper.

Functional parts of the pellet cooler:

  • upper input and suction section
  • cooling part
  • fixed grate
  • movable grate
  • hopper
  • compressor
  • electrical switchboard


Dimensions (length x width x height)2940 - 2600 mm, 2400 mm, 3800 - 2900 mm
Installed electric energy consumption0,35 - 0.50 kW
Cooling area1,4 - 5,8 m2
Air consumption4 000 - 16 000 m3/h
Maximum capacity *0,2 - 7 t/h

* The cooler dimensions are adjusted to the required power in the offered range 200 kg - 7 tons/hr.

The cooler is equipped with a variable grate for cooling the different diameters of the pellets. The factory setting for pellet diameter is 6 mm.