Pellet fuels

Pellets are granules with a circular cross-section of 6, 8, 14, 20 and 30 mm and length of 1-5 cm. Wood pellets are suitable for boilers, stoves and fireplaces. The wood pellets we produce are attested by company Empla a.s. Hradec Králové.

Pellets are produced exclusively from organic materials - biomass. BIOMASS means all matter of organic origin: natural and agricultural products (e.g. wood, wood waste, fast-growing plants and peat). Utilisation of biomass for energy purposes is of benefit to the environment in that it decreases SO2 and CO2 emissions. For these reasons, biomass is valued as a fuel, which is also a renewable source of energy. With a view to decreasing the environmental burden, this is why biomass is already preferred in European Union countries and gradually also in the Czech Republic.

Wood pellets are produced on the matrix presses from clean wood mass and they are meet the highest demands on culture and comfort of objects heating, in the costs comparable with nobly fossil fuellings and high ecological effect. Pellets production is the quickly booming fuelling branch today. Pellets have exceptional advantageous qualities in comparison with briquettes, especially they are good for amtomatic filling of fuelling chambers and small hearthes, which briquettes not even logs doesn´t makes possible.


Using benefits of wood pellets:

  • chariness to environment
  • comfort using – automаtic feeding from the chamber in the boiler
  • high heating power
  • pellets burning machinery makes possible of good regulation of the heating operation in the burning process ecology conservation (contrary of the lump wood)

Wood pellets packing possibilities:

  • 15 kg PE bags
  • big bag - 1000 kg in one bag
Wood pellets

Wood pellets are made from wood waste (sawdust, chips) and have a high heating value. Mechanically pressed pellets contain no chemical binders or other additional mixture. The quality of the pellets is defined by norm ENplus, which is divided into three classes, depending on the quality of wood used: Class A1, Class A2 and Class B. Class B refers to wood pellets for industrial use.

Sunflower pellets

Sunflower pellets are made from the husks of sunflower seeds, obtained during pressing sunflower oil. For this reason, the sunflower pellets are very suitable for energy use. They have the shape of granules with a diameter of 8 mm. Sunflower pellets have a high calorific value of about 20 MJ / Kg, compared to the wood pellets they are characterized by greater proportion of ash.

Barbeque pellets

Barbeque pellets are cylinders with a diameter of 30mm compressed from pure hard sawdust under pressure and at a high temperature without use of additives. They ensure optimum room temperature at your fireplace for a long time and are clean to handle.