Pellet Press PLM 750

Pellet Press PLM 750

Pellet Press (granulator) is a press machine in which the extrusion of bulk material (straw, sawdust and other biomass) through the die holes of various diameters is shaped into pellets. The PLM 750 molding press is used for granulating bulk materials whose physical and mechanical properties make it possible to compact them.

Technical description:

  • machine case with transmission
  • pressing device
  • cover of the molding device
  • flange electric motor


Dimensions (length x width x height)2 000 mm x 1 000 mm x 1 800 mm
Granulator weight4200 kg
Matrix weight (pellet diameter 6 – 8 mm)70 - 75 kg
Pressing device weight295 kg
The temperature of the pellets in the outflow from the granulator70 - 85 °C
Temperature of pellets during dispatchdo 20 °C
The strength of the pellets 24 hours after production0,8 - 1,5 MPa

Description of device parts

Granulator case consists of a cast-iron tub with a specified amount of gear oil (80 liters), closed by a top cast iron lid with flanges for attaching the electric motor and the housing of the pressing device.

Pressing device consists of a disk rotating matrix, a head with press rollers, a discharge disc, and a lump of the processed product. A matrix with holes with diameters of 6 ÷ 20 mm is supported at the upper end of the hollow shaft. The outflow is provided with a folding plate which reliably ensures the displacement of the production from the space below the matrix to the discharge belt.

Granulator cover of pressing device is made of sheet steel reinforced profiles.

Electric motor type SIEMENS 1LG4 313-6AA69 Z, flange shape, P= 90 kW, 988 min.-1, 50 Hz, IP55. Pressing device, gear box and electric motors form one complete monolithic unit.

The performance of the granulator depends on a sufficient supply of raw material. Pellet quality and line performance are directly dependent on the quality, type and size of the material being processed. The condition of achieving high performance is to observe the raw material, moisture and continuous raw material feed.